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We are play school manufacturer is a company that specializes in producing equipment and supplies for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

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We produces a wide range of products for K-12 schools, such as desks, chairs, lockers, whiteboards, audiovisual equipment, and other classroom furniture.

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A college furniture manufacturer is a company that specializes in designing and producing furniture for college and university campuses, such as classroom….

Hostel furniture manufacturer in Greater Noida

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A hostel furniture manufacturer is a company that specializes in producing furniture for dormitories, hostels, and other communal living spaces

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An institutional furniture manufacturer is a company that produces furniture for various types of institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities

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School Furniture Manufacturer in Dehradun

Children spend their major time sitting in the classroom. According to the research by the University of Manitoba proclaims that a kid can sit in one stretch for as much as 9 hours a day. So, it reasons that the right type of chairs and tables are crucial in every education sector. However, the furniture most schools use is outdated and does not meet the standard orthopaedic-physiological standards. 

Did you know, 83% of students use a chair and table that is not appropriate for their physique and stature? It happens because out style furniture is made in the same size, while children have an extensive range of size and development. The idea that a similar type of table and chair setup will be suitable for all ages of children in a class is illogical.

Additionally, outdated furniture got rigid seats, which results in:

Pressure on the spinal cord
Bending of the back
Deprived blood circulation
Compressed digestive organs
Aching shoulder, neck and back muscles
A well-acquainted education furniture manufacturer in Dehradun considers all these factors while manufacturing any furniture.

This means lack of ergonomic furniture in a classroom can affect badly to kid’s physical stature. Taking these factors into consideration, Featherwood Furniture strives to design and manufacture educational furniture as per the customer requirements.

One of the most ignored aspects in primary and secondary schools in the physical wellbeing of students, and the part classroom furniture share in it. We as professional school furniture manufacturers in Dehradun are closely conscious of its importance. Ergonomic classroom furniture creates positive learning environs and boosts personal development in students. Let us see why classroom ergonomics actually matter.

Education Desk and Chair manufactures in Dehradun

The chair any school picks should possess the following:

The chair should suit the student’s age.
The height of the chair should be adjustable, letting a student adjust the height of the chair concerning the table to match his or her requirements.
The chair should have a tilt that follows the line of the body.
The depth of the chair should be tailor-made as per the height.
Students should be able to maintain a good, healthy posture.
This cuts jiggling because their backs are comforted, and feet are retained firmly to the ground.
They should feel relaxed thereby increasing concentration levels enhancing the overall learning.

The front edge of the seat should not fall at the knee fold. It makes the seat too shallow making uncomfortable seating and the student has to either move forward. It results in bending of the spine or tends to sit with stretched legs that is troublesome. On the contrary, where the seat does not have enough curve, the legs don’t get enough backing. We are the school chairs manufacturer in Dehradun, making apt chairs as per the different sizes and growth of the students.

We understand that college operations are different from that of a school. For this reason, we are the one college furniture manufacturers that make to deliver any kind of furniture requirements. While planning these types of furniture, we as profound college chairs manufacturer, we do keep in mind that college has a lot more activities, so proper space is offered for the same.

We are also a hostel furniture manufacturer in Dehradun including chairs, tables, desks, benches, beds, cabinets, cupboards and related products for labs, halls, seminar rooms, etc. Our furniture is specially designed considering the requirements and constraints of a college atmosphere. We recognize that college furniture is required to be planned and designed in a different technique. Featherwood Furniture manufactures hostel furniture which is harmless, comfortable and durable. Our collection of hostel furniture is flexible and user-friendly accommodating every student and staff very well.

Hostels are totally marching up their spirit to create a comfortable experience for students and their staff. Altogether, parents expect the best for their children and will never give a second thought to go for another hostel if is not as per their expectations.  It is not astonishing that hostel furniture is also setting styles as the demands of parents and students impel the trend. We are the most chosen hostel chairs manufacturer, as we help to provide our customers with the furniture that accomplishes the requirements according to the budgetary plan.

A few guidelines for selecting the correct hostel furniture

Manufacturing hostel furniture though for a student’s hostel or a working women/men’s hostel, it must be planned with utmost care. It is your investment that replicates the kind of care your hostel provides.

Keep in mind these few valuable points:

Comfortability and durability should be of top importance. Hostel furniture should look attractive and pair with the overall positive ambience you are trying to form.
The hostel bed manufacturer in Dehradun build the furniture in a way that will be calming and relaxing to students and staff after a tiresome day. They can crash on your comfortable beds and have a good sleep
Choose a furniture supplier that is trendy, easy to maintain and long-lasting.
All study furniture and beds should bear rough usage, wear and tear, liquid spills and dust buildup.

We have the latest tech equipment and an expert R&D team that projects and manufactures bulk orders for all educational establishments.

We are a boarding school furniture manufacturer in Dehradun that creates all sorts of boarding school furniture in various colours as per the client’s school furniture requirements. Our array of boarding school furniture is factory-made from premium standard wood, metal and other raw materials, which are completely resistant to termite, corrosion, etc.

As a play school furniture manufacturer in Dehradun, we understand that play schools are the primary early learning stage for every child. Play schools are active, innate, and intrusive. To enhance their learning perspective, play schools must provide an environment that nurtures their ability to read, write, and socialize. Our furniture is particularly designed to make the little ones feel assured and calm as they come into the new world of education.

Education furniture manufacturer in Dehradun like us, help to get fulfil all your furniture requirements with trendy designs that best suits your educational sectors.

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